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Free, easy, powerful, fast

WeeDuplicateDetective is a FREE duplicate cleaner. It helps you find copies of files (duplicates) and clean them up.


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WDD 1.1 WDD 1.5
WDD 1.1 WDD 1.5

Download WeeDuplicateDetective 1.5

Supported OSes: XP, Vista and Windows 7

Direct download

Download from software repositories:

Get it from CNET Download.com!


To XP and Vista users: you may need to install the .NET Framework 4 before you can use WDD.

You can download it here.

What's new in WDD 1.5?

What is WeeDuplicateDetective?

WeeDuplicateDetective is easy to use, nice to look at, and does its job perfectly. It gives you a lot of control over

Have a look at the help file (also available in the installer) for full information.

Plus, WDD is 100% free and will remain so!

Who makes WeeDuplicateDetective?

Well, I do. My name is Guillaume Ranslant. I'm French and I live in Germany. Check my blog or my LinkedIn or Xing profiles for more information.

I develop WDD in my free time, therefore no company is involved in any way. Therefore also, ... things take some time to be done, as my kids take a lot of my free time (and I like it so).

I use Visual C# Express for the code, NSIS for the installer, Paint.NET and IcoFX for the main icon and found some icons on www.findicons.com.


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